About us

Hanshin Tech Co., Ltd selects and dispatches process and industrial equipment, spares and hardware produced in South Korea. The company has been an exclusive distributor of industrial supplies and building materials to the Russian market for several years. We established such brands as ARTILON, DSC that sell our production. Our building materials were used in the construction of objects for APEC summit, International airport “Knevichi”, recreation camp “Polyana” and “Taezhnaya Polyana”,  Ballet and Opera Theatre in Vladivostok. Our connections with Korean manufacturers enable us to offer the best price and delivery terms.

О нас

Компания Hanshin Tech Co., LTD (Ханшин Тэк) осуществляет подбор и отправку технологического оборудования, промышленного оборудования, запчастей и комплектующих производства Южной Кореи. Уже на протяжении нескольких лет наша компания является эксклюзивным поставщиком промышленных товаров, строительных материалов на Российский рынок. Нами были разработаны и производятся товары под собственным брендом. Наши строительные материалы поставлялись на строящиеся объекты Саммита АТЭС, международный Аэропорт “Кневичи”, базы отдыха “Поляна” и “Таёжная поляна”, театр оперы и балета во Владивостоке. Имея дилерские отношения с Корейскими заводами производителями, мы всегда предлагаем наилучшие условия поставки и выгодную цену.

When Availability is Important

we always keep all stock ready to ship within 3-7 working days

Always in stock – the way we try to provide our service. Products are ready to be shipped as fast as possible by express post like DHL or ship by containers.

Well developed manifacturing system in Korea allows to produce almost any part within 10-20 days if you have sketch or sample.

Equipment we offer from our partners

Kotec drill machine Capacity(Web×Flange) :1,300×600mm Materials processed : H-BEAM 150×70~1,300×600 Clamp position : Top and End Drill capacity : Tapper H.S.S Ø40 Carbide drill Ø32 Taper holder : MT4, Holder Diameter : Ø32 Tool change : Munual & ATC (AUTO TOOL CHANGE)-Option Dimension : 5,300×2,000×3,350mm Weight : 8,500~12,000kg (Options vary depending on mounting)
Kotec H-beam assembling machine Max Flange capacity: 600×40 mm Min Flange capacity: 100×8 mm Max Web capacity: 1,500 mm Min Web capacity: 200 mm CO2 welding torch : DC type with 600A, 2 sets Submerged Arc welding torch : DC 1500A, 2 sets Flux feed and recovery device for Submerged Arc welding (SAW) Speed adjustment controlled by Inverter
SpaceOne power plasma Plasma cutting source – a precisely controlled DC Current Regulator system – uses semiconductors operated by High speed frequency. Current control is made by Buck converter type. To increase heat and control efficiency, the advanced IGBT Multi-pager technology which has been obtained during our production of high power controllers is used in SpaceONE-patented power control device.
Il Kwang Forming This equipment is manufactured based on the world’s top technology and experiences, and the Roof Panel Producing Line has high durability and convenient management. It enables to manufacture the products of world’s best grade designing various wave forms exquisitely to meet customers’ requirement. In case of applying high speed cutting system of rotary type, products can be manufactured at the high speed of 100m/min or faster.