PWM Controller (wind + solar) / Контроллер (ветро-генератор + солнечные батареи)

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Feature PWM type: 100 ~ 200W

Hybrid PWM Controller makes MPPT control depending on the wind velocity, maximizes the generator output, protects the wind turbine starting the brake switch at the time of typhoon blowing, protects blade and generator from the impact due to over wind velocity or a blast of wind by PWM controlling the wind turbine speed with dump-load system and makes the electricity from sunlight charged to the battery through MPPT controlling at daytime.



PWM Graph of efficiency 




Model SC-0100-P-012 SC-0100-P-024  SC-0200-P-012  SC-0200-P-024 
Rate power capacity 100W 100W 200W 200W
 Battery voltage 12V 24V 12V 24V
 – rate input volt DC17.5V(max)    DC36V(max) DC17.5V(max) DC36V(max)
 – rate input current 8A 4A 16A 8A
– max input current 10A(10min) 5A(10min) 20A(10min) 10A(10min)
– rate power 100W  100W 200W 200W
– PV input volt DC17.5V DC36V DC17.5V DC36V
– PV input current 8A(max) 4A(max) 8A(max) 4A(max)
– rate power 100W 100W 100W 100W
– battery charge volt 14.5V 28.8V 14.5V 28.8V
– max output current 8.3A 4.2A 16.7A 8.5A
– control mode PWM PWM PWM PWM
– battery capacity 12V 100Ah 12V 50Ah x 2 12V 100Ah x 2 12V 100Ah x 2
Dumpload control PWM PWM PWM PWM
Dumpload resistor Inside Inside Inside Inside
Display  LCD (self monitor system)   
Self power consumption at night  < 5.6W (non input power)    
Operating temperature  -30C ~ +60C    
Operating humidity  0 ~ 95% (non-condensing)   
Cooling method  self cooling  self cooling  self cooling self cooling
Dimension size  318*410*151 318*410*151 318*410*151 318*410*151
Weight  12kg  12kg  12kg  12kg