Grinding and Polishing machine Nanotech NA-P1000, NA-P2000, NA-P3000

The Nanotech NA-P single and twin grinder-polishers offer a combination of performance, economy and reliability for most microstructural analysis applications. Designed for manual or semi-automatic grinding and polishing, the base can be combined with one of two power heads. The molded protective housing provides long lasting corrosion and impact resistance. Each bowl includes a removable splash guard reduces overspray and allows easy access to the platen. A built-in drain and bowl wash flush out particles and minimize build-up of grinding-polishing debris. The adjustable water flow nozzle can be positioned anywhere over the platen, providing cooling precisely where needed.

All base models include an easy-to-use control panel with quick access to power on/off, platen run/pause, digital up/down timer and reset, water on/off/run-active control, variable platen speed control from 0 – 700 rpm, and an emergency stop. In addition to the emergency stop button, other safety features include built-in circuit protection and low voltage controls.

MODEL NA-P1000 NA-P2000 NA-P3000
Style 2 wheel (table type) 2 wheel 3 wheel
Wheel size  Ø 230mm * 2 Ø 230mm * 2  Ø 230mm * 3
Max. RPM  0~700rpm  0~700rpm   0~700rpm
Speed regulation SCR SCR SCR
Speed meter Digital Digital
Washing Water Water Water
Power 220V/50-60Hz/1kW 220V/50-60Hz/2kW 220V/50-60Hz/2kW
Size (mm)  800*560*1000 700*550*350 1050*550*350
Weight (kg) 65 50  70
Motor DC350W * 2 DC350W * 2  DC350W * 3


Nanotech NA-P1000


Nanotech NA-P2000


Nanotach NA-P3000


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