Solar controller / Контроллер фонарей на солнечных батареях

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-Solar charge controller for Solar system

-Capacity: 120W, 240W, 480W

-Use for LED light


 Solar LED light Controller set high quality FET and perfect to match as solar street light. Self-power consumption is small also longer battery life.






Model SCS-12V-10A SCS-12V-20A SCS-12V-10A SCS-24V-20A
Rate power capacity 120W 240W 240W 480W
Battery volt 12V 12V 24V 24V
Solar PV input DC17V   DC17V DC36V DC36V
– PV input (current) 10A (max) 20A (max) 10A (max) 20A (max)
– rate power 120W  240W  240W  480W 
– battery charge 14.4V  14.4V 28.8V  28.8V 
– max output 10A 20A 10A 20A
Control mode switch switch switch switch
Battery capacity 12V 100Ah  12V 200Ah  12V 100Ah x 2 12V 200Ah x 2 
Enironmental system Waterproof and dustproof of class IP20 (in door) 
Display LED   
Self power consumption at night < 1W (non input power)
Operating temperature -20C ~ +50C
Operating humidity 0 ~ 95% (non condensing)
Cooling method self cooling
Dimension size 177*81*61.2
Weight 0.7kg